Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Seeing as our group is going to be constrained by time, classes, and the fact that one of us lives in Manhattan, I think the creation of this blog is an easy way for all of us to keep up to date. I've sent invitations for everyone in the group, so we can all add things.

Tuesday nights are best, from 9pm-1am. I'd like to meet up next Tuesday for character creation, and hopefully we'll be starting the game by November.

The player cast is as follows (tell me if it needs editing):

~ELMER is Schiff, a middle-aged Human Wizard. He's a walking spellbook who owns a shop devoted to alchemy in the heart of Castleton. His youthful Adept assistant, Howid, looks after it for him while he travels.
~BEEP is Doug, a wise young Human Druid who wanted nothing more than to get away from his humdrum forest, and is indebted to Elmer for giving him that out. His favored weapon is his new sledgehammer.
~STEPH is Myaarg Overtherr, a Half-Orc Paladin. She's intelligent, strong, and fearsomely wields an Orc Double Axe. She's devoted to the cause of the God of the Hunt, and travels to further the spread of good.
~JEN is Nora, an Elven Fighter who travels with Myaarg. Evenly matched in almost every way to the paladin, the two form a solid fighting team. Her knack for personal skills make her invaluable as an asset when it comes to finding work for their next adventure.
~KRIS is Malcom Neue, a Half-Elven Rogue. He took an early shine to Leah's character, and they've been together for some time. He acts as her worldly-wise protector and partner, being skilled in deceitful artifice.
~LEAH is a Human Wizard with an aberration; feathery wings sprout from her back. She has struggled with her wings all her life, as they cause others to treat her with fear and derision. She is new to magic, but her intelligence, wits and heritage make her a natural.

Grant is my right-hand man, so don't ask him for help. And Mark Robinson will be our mascot this year.


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