Friday, November 24, 2006

The Game That Never Was

Sorry about last week, boys and girls. Some things came up that made it impossible for me to scrap together a game, and I asn't able to pass the news on to everyone.

It looks like until I'm able to save my grades, there might not be a game.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Game Recap: 1

Well, last night's game was awesome, despite that it was sans Elmer.

Truel awoke above Schiff's potion shop. He found that Schiff had left him in charge of standing in line that day and taking care of the census. This wasn't too appetizing, so he spent the morning wandering outside the city and among the outskirts.

Nora and Myaarg had settled in the previous night at an inn located at the very edge of the city; the area was almost entirely a ghost town. Nora woke with the dawn, and almost got herself killed when a bandit tried to take her life in one abandoned dwelling. Nora made short work of him. Eventually, Myaarg woke up and they traveled into the city together.

Malcolm came into the city via the West Road, and wasted no time in making it into the very heart of Castleton.

Getting to the census was interesting, as you had to deal with overcrowding, obnoxious elven archers, absurd paperwork, or in Truel's case, unwanted fellow druids. Malcolm decided to try his hand at stealing a potion, but unwittingly chose a well-guarded piece of merchandise as his target. After being coated in a purple dust, he fled to the Suckling Piglet Pub.

Similarly, Truel ended up following the female fighting duo into the same pub. Myaarg and Nora found themselves attracting the unwanted attentions of Sir Gladomain, a vain elven archer in gleaming armor, and Truel found himself face to face with a purple-faced Malcolm, instantly recognizing Schiff's methods of preventing shoplifting, as well as noticing his former druid clan walk in and order drinks.

Currently, Myaarg is very close to an altercation with Gladomain's guards, while Nora is attempting to distract Gladomain himself on the balcony of the tavern. Truel is trying to intervene with Myaarg's brawl. Malcolm is sitting at the bar, enjoying the view immensely.

Monday, November 13, 2006


okay, Final re-re edit of my character.

Name: Truels (T r-ewe-ls)

Same persona and story. And heres the pictures
Quick notes, Elongated fore arms and large hands tiped in claws (not offensive jack, like fingernails cross with dog claws) Elongated feet also tiped with claws, Fur on the forearms and around his knees.

And final pic
Cloths are leather and silk, the rings are wood. The silk is spider silk, so no buying took place form the outside. As for the differences in appearence, the short of it is the more in tune with natural magic you are as a druid (wis stat) the more you resemble a forest creature.

Othe traits, fangs(small, for eating, not bite attack) one cat eye and one normal eye, and a more feline nose.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

thought this was a necessary sight

some fellow D&Ders hard at work in Germany....