Monday, October 16, 2006


Written to me, regarding his character...

"He's a Druid who just wants to get outside. Badly. Level 3.

"In order to leave a Druid commune, you have to have an 'exit visa' from the elder counsel. And you only get those through one of two ways; you are either on a mission which directly benefits the order (and even then there's a time constraint), or you're exiled. In which case the visa then sets you and anyone around you on fire after you leave.

"However, there is a loophole in Druidic law [ED: this Drudic society, anyway~Jack] that states if an outsider has aided you, you are then directed to aid them in the best way possible, until things are in balance. Quid pro quo at its finest. All he needed was a problem.

"Enter a highly contagious and somewhat invasive tree fungus which he can't easily deal with. All thats left is for Doug to do is hire a Wizard from a nearby town, then say he can only offer his services as payment. Get Out Of Forest Free Card. Luckily for Doug, [Elmer's Wizard] could in fact deal with the fungus.

"So now it's vacation time for Doug.

"Personality-wise, the Druids operate on a very Machiavellian basis [the ends justify the means]. He is a bit more blunt about it. A bit of a good streak, slightly naive but competent. Competely baffled by life outside. His 'visa' allows him to come and go as he pleases from the commune, but not allow others in."

Beep's PC [Doug] has a familiar; a wolf named Oodem. According to Beep, this is Druidic for "free."

I'll post more backstories up here as they come.


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